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How to Better Your Finances with Vastu
January 19, 2022

Prosperity is something that we all strive for along with a good source of wealth. The most essential element in today’s world is money. However, even if all your efforts are not paying off and you are still finding no valid reason for it then, it is essential to focus on the Vastu element of the home. The reason behind the money crunch and thwarted money flow in the house is due to vast defects. How to deal with it is the question, as per Vastu consultants in Dubai, there are a few things that you can do to improve your finances. 

How to Better Your Finances with Vastu

Tips to better your finances with Vastu

  • Lord Kuber is the one who is worshipped for wealth and prosperity and the North is the direction where the Lord governs. For this reason, it is suggested that this particular direction should not be cluttered. Avoid having toilets in this direction, there should be no shoe racks or heavy furniture. For activation of this area, it is suggested that a mirror be placed on the north wall. 
  • Placement of locker or locker room is yet another aspect that should be considered. For this reason, caution should be taken into storing your money, financial documents, and jewelry in a place where it should grow in amount, the best direction should be South-West or west that should be facing the direction of North or North-East. 
  • Placing wind chimes on the door is auspicious. 
  • Another important thing to remember is to keep the doors and windows of the entire house clean so as to invite the positive energy and blessings of Devi Laxmi. 
  • To invite positivity in the house placing water objects like waterfalls or water fountains in the direction of North to North-East is good. It cleanses the home or the property from any stagnant energy and keeps the energy positive. 
How to Better Your Finances with Vastu


Now that you are aware of what should be done, it is equally essential to know what should be avoided, following are some of the things that should be avoided:

  1. The doors of the house should be free of any faults, cracks, or problems in the locks. 
  2. Avoid having an overhead water tank from North to North-East. 
  3. Water leakages should be avoided if any they should be repaired immediately. If this happens then it only leads to financial loss. 
  4. Avoid setting up toilets or bathrooms in the South-East or South-West corner. 

Overall, it is essential to balance the energy of the house by placing positive elements and cutting off the negativity of the house. It is essential that for an in-depth consultation and understanding of Vastu with relation to your home and its effects can only be analyzed by a Vastu consultant in Dubai who will be better able to tell you about Vastu for home in Dubai

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