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September 8, 2021

Have you ever felt the personality of a place? A feeling, a vibe of being in either a welcoming or in a negative space? Some places calm us, some bring the worst out of us. Every space has its geographical imprint, its connection to the earth apart from the impact a layout has on the residents. Vastu Shastra studies these concepts of space and forms to identify strengths and problem in our dwellings to offer solutions.

I came across such a case regarding a house in Dubai Marina with a Vastu Defect.

The house with a Dubai Marina view, with mornings over the sea to wake up for and sunsets to die for! An apartment which the client considered their own despite it being on rent. They spent an open budget to fix the powder room, wooden flooring in the main hall, the foyer area to make it more welcoming and relaxing. The client had wanted a powder room that looked very modern and upmarket, so they designed it in a unique style, colour and decor. It had everything they wished for and more.

According to the Vastu Consultant in Dubai, as soon as they started doing changes in the house, everything started turning around in terms of health and one after the other all family members started falling sick. They made two trips to the hospital within one month of shifting into the house. The clients were so confused that they did not know what was going wrong and what they could do? As per the client ‘Suddenly we felt like everything was going downhill. Health, payments, on-going work in house, everything was affected”.

Then, one afternoon, they contacted me and requested me to drop by. As I walked through the house, I observed a number of things which were playing a big role in manifesting the problems. With the help of knowledge imparted to me by my Guru’s, I could figure out the root causes (problematic zones) and suggested 5 elemental basic balancing for the house and a few more minimal remedies.

The problems as per a Vastu Viewpoint:

1) Toilet in the center of the house

2) Toilet in North of the northeast which is the zone of health and immunity. Its virtual image getting created in the mirror in Northeast which keeps the person in a confused state of mind

3) Imbalance in Southeast. Black marble in SE kitchen, which blocked the payments

4) Medicines placed in the wrong direction, so they were not working effectively on the bodies

5) Kids sleeping in the area of disposal so healing was very slow and time-consuming

Similarly, there were a few other big and minor issues.

The client was very proactive and took the suggestions quite seriously and soon made the suggested changes. After that, we could see that things started changing and stabilising in a positive manner. This study illustrates that the energies which are not visible flow through an area and have distinct vibrations. These directional energies have different effects on our life as well as on our body.

By following a few simple rules of nature, we can sync our life with nature to fulfill the purpose of this life and be happy.Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti!!
Maadhur V Gupta

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