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If you are born on 6, 15 or 24th of any month then your ruling number is #6 and your ruling planet is Venus, the Goddess of love, beauty and luxury, for this reason you may be most likely to experience the same in your life. Another thing to note is that these people are blessed with attractive personality and attractive aura naturally.

The best thing about #6 people is that they are born to raise the vibrations of the environment they step into. They are the people blessed to bring positivity to any environment they are in. For this reason they often move towards spirituality and provide positivity to people around them.

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Character traits

You are the one providing caring energy to anyone who approaches you and so you end up playing the role of a nurturer to another in distress. Often people who approach you are in need of your nurturing aspect in their life. You provide this not only to your family but to friends and people who you know or people who contact you.

Humanitarian at heart you are the one who is always giving and loving to others no matter who they are. Your core nature is that of empathy and this is the reason why you feel the pain of others even before someone expresses it outright.

Intuition is yet another gift that you are naturally gifted with and thus you sense anything off with another. You are able to help another understanding where they are coming from and what they need to heal. You may be a natural healer blessed to provide relief to wounded souls.

Artistic by nature you love creating something new, you are always busy cooking, painting, writing or any other creative field that provides you with self-expression.

Love spending your money on luxury goods and you are the one who is brand conscious.

Honesty is your policy and often you feel cheated when someone is being dishonest with you.

You are emotional and easily get hurt with words and actions of another deeply.

Areas of improvement

  • Often you are so engrossed in rescuing another or providing the nurturing that you tend to ignore your own self in the process. You require a me-time every now and then to recharge your energy and do something that nourishes your soul.
  • It is essential for you to keep the balance without depending on another as at times you are in a co-dependent relationship that may be draining your vitality.
  • You have the wisdom to resolve issues but at times you need a nudge from another to take the direction of problem solving whether for self or for another.
  • At times your emotions may become your worst enemies, when you are emotionally unbalanced you lose the track of being practical.
  • With attractive aura and personality you are often the flirt and like being on the field always in action with the opposite sex people. This may lead to jealousy, instability and commitment issues in your relationship.


Vedasrivastu known as the best Vastu for Success in Studies in Dubai says that.

  • You like to do things on your own pace and enjoy self-employment, work from home or freelance jobs that provide you with personal freedom and time.
  • The best that you can do is become mentors, teachers, and counselors or take up any such jobs that require you to engage with another and inspire them or teach them as you are a good helper and a guide.
  • You may excel in healing professions like being a therapist or being a psychologist.
  • A compassionate nurse or a kind doctor is where you will find your footing well.


  • You will most likely find your perfect match with no’s- 3, 6, 9 people who will provide you with all the support and love that you need.
  • Anyone in relationship with you will admire your trait of keeping your surroundings neat and your home will be the ultimate refuge for anyone looking for uncluttered and clean space.
  • You are the peacemaker and many times you resolve disputes easily, for this you are loved by all in your immediate family.
  • As a parent you will be the best, providing it all to your children who will never feel shortchanged for your love or shower of gifts.

Lucky colors

You should include Indigo and, red colors in your clothing, carry handkerchiefs of these colors often or use these to decorate your bedroom. In any which way you should include these in your daily dress up to include the vibrations of these colors.

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